Community Network

Judge Mathis is dedicated to promoting positive youth development, creating safer communities and strengthening families. Mathis continues to hit the streets in an effort to help others, joining the fight for various causes and drawing national attention and throngs of supporters.

  • MENtorship MENistry

    MENtorship MENistry is a church-based preventive mentorship program geared toward providing positive mentoring relationships to teenaged boys with no fatherly presence living in single mother homes. Volunteer MENtors serve as male role models to help instill a sense of values and provide guidance to teens in need.

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  • Urban Farming for Profit

    Starting an Urban Garden, filled with a variety of produce can be both fulfilling and challenging. there is so much to learn and at the same time, earn.

    This Urban Gardening tutorial is the first of many income opportunities that I plan to offer and give my ‘stamp of approval’ on as being a worthwhile and profitable self-sufficiency income initiative that is among the most affordable and obtainable, that ensures sustainability

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  • Prisoner Empowerment Education and Respect Initiative – PEER

    Prisoner Empowerment Education and Respect Initiative – PEER

    The Prisoner Empowerment Education and Respect Initiative (PEER) is a nationwide effort by Judge Greg Mathis providing motivation, information and support to ex-offenders and those who are currently incarcerated. Judge Mathis visits jails and prisons throughout the country sharing his personal testimony of triumph over the challenges of incarceration and crime. read more

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  • Self Empowerment Expo

    Self Empowerment Expo

    The Judge Mathis Self-Empowerment Expo connects youth with resources that help them envision and create a better future for themselves.

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  • Mathis Community Center

    Mathis Community Center

    The Mathis Community Center meets the needs of the community by providing vocational and job training and assistance. The Center operates a variety of programs, including cosmetology training and initiatives designed to help ex-offenders get on their feet.

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